Oil Painting DVD Demos

Painting DVD Demos

What students have said about Hall’s Oil Painting DVD Demo series!

“You’re the best instructor I have ever listened too and knows how to explain things! You think and know who your audience is. Unlike most painters, you never showed tangents, nervous twitches, uneasy talk while explaining information. Frankly speaking, I am very excited about going through the rest of your DVD’s and could go on but better stop here.”
–Pauline Butts, Highland Village, Texas

“I found them on the internet.  They look like exactly what I have been looking for.   I had taken lessons in the past as a kid.  Although life got busy and I haven’t painted for many years, I have never lost the desire.  I still always look at things in terms of what would make a great painting. I have always wanted to get back into it.  Now that I am an adult and the kids are out of the house, it is time.  I have tried attending lessons, but one instructor was kind of far and the lessons were until late at night.  Now I have moved way out in the country and it is even farther.  I completely butted heads with another instructor.  Her way was the right way and that was it.  There was no room for my interpretation or opinion. So, I thought DVD’s would be the answer.  I have been looking for a comprehensive DVD set.  I am a visual person and like the idea of being able to review something as much as I want to.  Your DVD set looks like just the thing.  I have looked at others on the net, but then when you look at the artist’s work, it looks like a beginning amateur’s.  I was very happy to have found your’s.  I was impressed by the examples of your work that were shown and look forward to receiving the DVDs and getting started again. I take lots of pictures of many beautiful things that most people never get to see. ”

-Felicia, Hollister, California


Volume 27 DVD – Painting Nocturnes:The Brooklyn Bridge

In Volume #27 oil painting dvd: Painting Nocturnes–The Brooklyn Bridge, Hall teaches the beginning art student the techniques that are essential for creating dazzling nocturnal cityscapes. Prior to painting the main Brooklyn Bridge piece, he discusses five of his larger nocturnes and then teaches several foundation color theory concepts. Hall then moves on to the main demonstration painting, where he instructs one how to establish the foundation architectural and landscape forms, mix warm and cool colors, and then illustrates in great detail how the vast array of colored city lights are actually made to appear luminous within the darkness. Within each phase of the demonstration, the student is able to view enlarged sections of the same reference painting that Hall is looking at while he paints–all within the same screen! The oil painting techniques are easy and fun to learn.

Volume 24 DVD – Tomatoes, Peaches and Peppers

In Volume #24: TOMATOES, PEACHES & PEPPER painting lessons DVD Hall introduces the eleven important phases, such as “form light and shadow” that are the foundation of classical observational painting. Featured are three 8″x10″ demonstration painting lessons, including an elegant cluster of three ripe red tomatoes, a single yellow pepper with silver cup, along with a group of three luminous peaches resting on a blue cloth. Within the two-hour DVD are stunning close-up shots of Hall’s classical oil painting techniques and views of his studio as he discusses his paintings at different stages.

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