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Utrecht: This superior art store stocks a massive assortment of equipment, mediums and supplies for all styles of art, as well as highly specialized art supplies such as eco-friendly items and special needs products for individuals with disabilities. The art store’s useful site features, including a learning center, kids’ section, and informative blog, make for an educational and enjoyable online shopping experience.

Dick Blick Art Materials: Dick Blick is renowned for providing professional-caliber art supplies at discounted prices. This art store also offers valuable resources for artists and educators, including free lesson plans, an active online community, and the ability to create and share course supply lists.

Jerry’s Artarama: Jerry’s Artarama provides a broad assortment of general art supplies, plus attentive customer service and flexible shipping options to ensure orders are shipped and received in a timely manner.

Art Supplies, Craft Supplies, Artist Materials, Kids’ CraftsMisterart.com is an excellent option for purchasing general art supplies at reasonable prices. The site is also great for picking out gifts for artists, teachers and kids. Shoppers with children can find a variety of artistic outlets in the site’s more than 15 kids categories.

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Oil Paint Brands

Gamblin Artists’ Colors is an USA paint company founded by colorman Robert Gamblin that aims to produce quality paints that are safe to use. Its turps replacement or solvent, Gamsol, has a lower evaporation rate and higher flashpoint than turps, making it safer to use in the studio. A wide range of colors is available, including various grays, a flake white replacement with working properties like lead white, and a chromatic black. Gamblin also produces an alkyd-based medium, Galkyd, which speeds up the drying time of oils.

Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oil Color is one of the most widely available brands and its oil paints, like its other paints, strikes a good balance between price (not quite faint-on-the-spot range) and quality. If you’re on a tight budget, save money by selecting select your colors from the series 1 pigments in the range, otherwise pick ‘n mix from the wide range of pigments including lead white for traditionalists (labeled Cremnitz White). (Note: W&N’s student oil paint is branded Winton

Williamsburg Handmade Oil Colors offers one of the most extensive and unique lines of handmade oil paints in the world, including our famous Italian Earth Colors , Cadmiums and Cobalt colors .

Old Holland Classic Colours has more than three centuries of traditional experience in the manufacture of artists’ paint, and during that period it has proved that nothing beats the quality of traditional recipes.The history of Old Holland Classic Colours goes back to the seventeenth century.
The golden age of the Dutch masters.
In this era, the training of painters was organised under the guild system.
The painters’ guilds were called Saint Lucas Guilds, after their patron saint Lucas.
Traditional knowledge and skills in the area of the manufacture of paint were passed on from generation to generation in these guilds. In the guild, the master taught the mate and the apprentice.
The apprentice learned to rub the pigments with the binders, the mate learned to mix the colours and make underpaintings.
Once the mate was deemed to be skilled enough, he in turn became a master, started his own studio and gained standing.
Around 1664, a Saint Lucas guild in The Hague started the preparations for the establishment of ‘Pictura Brotherhood of Painters and its Academy for the Visual Arts of The Hague’ (1682-1882).
An association of master painters which organised art reviews and where artists drew from dressed models: the first academy. The correct manufacture of paints formed an important part of the education. The Pictura Brotherhood of Painters remained in existence until the nineteenth century.

Rembrandt Artists Oil Color
is the choice of professionals because it is a name that stands for premium quality and reliable oil paint This is because only the finest raw materials and the most advanced production methods are used for each and every line of Rembrandt art supplies. The Rembrandt Oil color range includes 120 paint colors with an even balance across the color spectrum and a good assortment of opaque and transparent colors throughout the line. Rembrandt Oil paints. also includes a large number of specialty items that are not available with other artist oil paint lines such as: pearl white, real cadmium and cobalt colors, ultramarine green and extremely lightfast permanent yellows and reds. Artists also choose Rembrandt because of its exclusive combination of features like the unmatched brilliance, maximum color durability and the highest degree of Lightfastness.

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