Magazine Cover Redesign

Art 125- Groat | Introduction to Computer Graphics
Magazine Cover Redesign

Within this graphic design project you are to select an existing well-known periodical, and redesign the cover in three different ways to present to the Art Director. Ultimately, you will need to print and mount only one to present to the client. Begin by spending some time reviewing a variety of magazine cover designs at the local newsstand and select one that deals with a subject that is of interest to you. Perhaps you could investigate magazines that relates to one of your hobbies or passions!

Learning Outcomes
Student will be able to:
1. Establish and use a simple grid to organize and align elements.
2. Cluster type to create different typographic informational blocks.
3. Take a digital Photograph (or scan an artwork) and manipulate the image through resizing, color correction and cutting.
4. Adjust leading, tracking and kerning.
5. Explore the idea of typographical pairing
6. Compose elements through visual: emphasis, contrast, balance, repetition, alignment and flow.
7. Redesign an existing magazine cover

Due Dates
10/5 First Round Thumbnails (3-5 simplified “shape” studies)
10/12 Begin three different final Comprehensives in Adobe Photoshop (these may be variations of a single design concept)
10/24 Critique: Three Full Size comprehensives (digital – posted on your portfolio blog with essay)
10/26 Final adjustments made to most successful design based on group critique feedback.
10/31 Most successful design printed and mounted on black foam board.

Required Visual and Informational Components

Change These Elements:

1. Masthead – The actual name of the publication must remain the same, but you‘re to explore a different font style to slightly adjust the brand and give it a fresh look.
2. Color Scheme – Explore different color schemes
3. Main Image(s) – Replace central image or images with your own digital Photography, artwork or illustration.
4. Font Style – Explore new font style or the pairing of two fonts.
5. Design / Composition – Completely reconfigure design and arrangement of elements
6. Dateline– Make the date current

Keep These Informational Elements the Same:
7. Magazine Name
8. Cover lines – Must include three or more
9. Main Cover line – Must include one
10. Selling line
11. Model Credit
12. Bar code

Additional Design Requirements:

1. Design must be organized within a “grid” system.
2. Design must include contrasts in scale and a visually appealing relationship of positive and negative space.
3. The design must be organized through carefully implementing these visual concepts: Emphasis, Balance, Alignment, Flow, Repetition and Contrast

4. Production information must be included along an edge in 8 or 9 point font size.

Creative Process

1. Explore a variety of magazine covers to see what catches your eye and inspires you.
2. Photograph one to three different “Main Images” to use within your three cover concepts.
3. Type out all of the magazine cover content (i.e. Cover lines) into a word processing program.
4. Create a series of simplified thumbnail studies that explore the placement of different elements.
5. Select your favorite thumbnail concept and begin developing in into a more comprehensive design within Photoshop.
6. Create three variations of your strongest design concept
7. Select the strongest design concept to print


Write a paragraph that describes how your cover design visually communicates the central theme of the magazine.
Describe how Emphasis, Balance, Alignment, Flow, Repetition and Contrast have all been implemented into your design

Please select your favorite design of the “three different working comprehensives” you’ve created to write about. Explain your creative process behind this design, and why you choose to use certain colors, font styles and image or images. Also, explain the logic behind why you’ve organized all of the elements in a certain manner,and how the “overall visual look” of the cover design communicates the theme of the magazine in a different way from the original (actual) design.

Describe what element or elements you’ve visually emphasized, balanced, aligned and repeated. Then, describe your reasoning for the particular visual (and informational) flow that exists within this cover.

11”x8-1/2” | Media: digital | Full Color | Printed on Gloss or Matt Photo Paper



Questions to ask yourself in the development of your design

• Do I have focal-point?

• Have I arranged and aligned the letterforms in a logical manner within a grid?

• How has visual flow been established?

• How have I visually balanced my design?

• What elements have been repeated?

• Is there enough negative space within the design so it doesn’t appear crowded?

• Have I varied the scale and size of elements through including small, medium and large letter forms and typographical clusters?

• Have I varied the visual weight, thickness and value of the letter forms?

• Have I varied the direction of the letter forms, in terms of horizontal, vertical and even angular?



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