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Within this graphic design project you are to either redesign (rebrand) the logotype of a major company (i.e.Burger King, Taco Bell, Apple, Amazon, etc.), or register for a www.designcrowd.com account and actually design a logo based on one of the current project briefs. See this link for a current list: http://jobs.designcrowd.com/graphic-design-jobs  With this option, you do not actually need to submit your design for consideration by the company, but you’re are welcome to. This is a great way to build a portfolio and gain practical experience.


The new logotype that you design may include the actual company name, along with some sort of symbolic, graphic shape (i.e Target).  –Or, only a graphic shape or company name (i.e. FedEx and Apple) Due to time constraints, you’re not required to print and mount your final logo design.



Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to:

  1. Create a basic design using Adobe Illustrator
  2. Design a logotype that visually communicates the brand.(see definition of brand at bottom)
  3. Articulate both the importance and purpose of progressing through a creative design process
  4. Present a new logotype idea to a client

Due Dates

10/23  Five to ten hand-rendered logotype concepts (renderings must be posted on blog)

10/25   Five to ten digital variations of logotype, including different font style possibilities.

11/1    Critique and presentation of final logo design (essay must be posted by 4/12)

11/1    Self – Assessment and Personal Written Reflection


Self – Assessment / Reflection / Final Project Grade

0-25 points      Class Participation

0-25 points      Visual documentation of creative process on your WordPress blog, and final essay posted.

0-25 points      Logotype design that successfully visual communicates the company brand

0-25 points      Meeting project deadline – Due Date of 4/24


Creative Process

Please refer to the creative process outlined at this link:





Write a brief essay that describes how your final logotype design visually communicates the company brand. Please explain your rationale for final selection of font, color, shape, line, pattern, texture, value, etc.  Please refer to the concepts discussed within the article at this link:


How To Design A Logo



11”x8-1/2”  |   Media: digital  | Full Color | Printed on Gloss or Matt Photo Paper





Brand: A brand is a mixture of attributes, tangible and intangible, symbolized in a trademark, which, if managed properly, creates value and influence.  “Value” has different interpretations: from a marketing or consumer perspective it is “the promise and delivery of an experience”; from a business perspective it is “the security of future earnings”; from a legal perspective it is “a separable piece of intellectual property.” Brands offer customers a means to choose and enable recognition within cluttered markets.


Branding: Selecting and blending tangible and intangible attributes to differentiate the product, service or corporation in an attractive, meaningful and compelling way.


Brand Identity: The outward expression of the brand, including its name and visual appearance. The brand’s identity is its fundamental means of consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand’s differentiation from competitors.


Brand Essence: The brand’s promise expressed in the simplest, most single-minded terms. For example, Volvo = safety; AA = Fourth Emergency Service. The most powerful brand essences are rooted in a fundamental customer need.


Trademark (commonly referred to as logo) “Any sign capable of being represented graphically, which is capable of distinguishing goods or services of one undertaking from those of another undertaking” (UK Trade Marks Act 1994).


Visual Identity: What a brand looks like – including, among other things, its logo, typography, packaging and literature systems.


Demographics: The description of outward traits that characterize a group of people, such as age, sex, nationality, marital status, education, occupation or income. Decisions on market segmentation are often based on demographic data.








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