Symbolic Self-Portrait

Art 125- Groat | Introduction to Computer Graphics Symbolic Self-Portrait Black, White, Gray & One Color FORM & CONTENT Your assignment is to create a grayscale or monochromatic typographical design consisting of six words that describe you or define you as a person.  The forms of the words must reflect their content, which means the […]

History Poster Graphic Design

History Poster Your assignment is to design a poster that serves as a tool for teaching something about a particular segment of history. The history of Rockn’ Roll, snowboarding, hairstyles, and clocks are just a few examples. You decide! The design must be visually engaging, legible and make use of the principles: emphasis, alignment, contrast, […]

Commemorative Stamp Design

Commemorative Stamp Design This project will require you to create one original stamp design that commemorates a subject with social significance that has personal meaning to you. The stamp that you create must be based a design style from the past, and include distinguishing design characteristics reflective of the chosen style. The stamp will be […]

Website Promotional Banner Design – Project #3

Art 125- Groat | Introduction to Computer Graphics Website Promotional Web Banner Design Banner Formats Your assignment is to develop a promotional banner, and adapt the concept to ten (10) of the possible eighteen (18) standard web banner proportional formats.   The banner that you design may be geared towards marketing your own […]

Visual Communication Arts Careers, Art Job Profiles

Art Job Profiles Visual Communication Arts, A.S. US Bureau of Labor Statistics –National Data Graphic Design Jobs 279,200 | mean wage $48,690 | highest employment: California, New York, Texas, Florida, Illinois                 13.4% overall industry increase in jobs through 2020                 316,500                 HOTTEST AREAS                 60.7% Computer systems design and related services […]

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