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Student WordPress Portfolio Links

SPRING 2019 STUDENTS Danielle Charlton Alayne Schaffer ​Alice​ ​​Edgington ​Elie Herszaft ​Renana Harris-Blumenthal Xavier Rogers Brittany Lloyd Abdul Mcclane Yassine Mansour Melissa Righetti Mic Labelle Mackenzie​ ​​Quinn​ ​ Tom Mack​ Bethann Chase Alex Goodman Kya Cross ​Alexis Demas​ FALL 2018 STUDENTS Jared Finsel Doug Laura Noah Maney Emily Shafer Fiona Huang James Miller Antione Seif […]

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog Portfolio

  Get the Most from How to set up your FREE 2016 WordPress Blog. How to make your first WordPress Post

Required Readings – ART 125 – Introduction to Computer Graphics

QUESTIONS / READING ASSIGNMENTS Please read the articles at each of the links, and then post your answers to the questions directly within your WordPress course portfolio/blog.  Feel free to use your own artwork to support your answers. If you do use images from the web be certain to include proper citation.  Each reading assignment is due […]

PROJECT #1: Type Specimen Page Design

Art 125- Groat | Introduction to Computer Graphics Typographic Specimen Book Page This project enables the designer to establish a visual hierarchy in an 11×8.5 in. flyer format, while introducing one to the visual characteristics of a particular typeface.  And at the same time, learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop. Learning Outcomes Student will be able […]

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