Logotype Redesign

  Within this graphic design project you are to either redesign (rebrand) the logotype of a major company (i.e.Burger King, Taco Bell, Apple, Amazon, etc.), or register for a www.designcrowd.com account and actually design a logo based on one of the current project briefs. See this link for a current list: http://jobs.designcrowd.com/graphic-design-jobs  With this option, […]

Art History Parody – PRINT AD REDESIGN

        With this design project you’re to research a poorly designed print media ad, and then redesign it using a well-known image from art history as the main visual element. The goal should be to enhance the overall visual effectiveness of the print ad through infusing it with a bit of humor, […]

Web Banner Design

 Website Promotional Web Banner Design Banner Formats     http://designerstoolbox.com/designresources/banners/ Your assignment is to develop a promotional banner, and adapt the concept to ten (10) of the possible eighteen (18) standard web banner proportional formats. However, included within the series of ten, you must design a Full-Banner (468 x 60), Leaderboard (728 x 90), Square […]

Magazine Cover Redesign

Art 125- Groat | Introduction to Computer Graphics Magazine Cover Redesign Within this graphic design project you are to select an existing well-known periodical, and redesign the cover in three different ways to present to the Art Director. Ultimately, you will need to print and mount only one to present to the client. Begin by […]

Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop Tutorials  Text 30:07 – Explanation 30:35 – Good Site for New Texts 31:53 – How to Edit Text 32:38 – How to Warp Text 38:35 – How to Edit Text In Depth/Gradient Text What are Layers? How? 14:05 – Difference between Background and Layer 15:12 – How To Use Layers 15:29 – Solid Colors, […]

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