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Partnership Page 

 Company Profile, including images and contact information

All partners are provided with their own promotional page, which includes a company banner, logotype and five product image examples. Within this page you are also able to include an informative description of your business, along with your company address, link to your web site,  e-mail contact and even direct links to your pages on several well-known social networking sites.  Exchanging links is great opportunity for increasing website traffic and link popularity. The main idea is here that a link from your site doesn’t affect your ranking, but a link to your site does increase it.

Examples   DiaNoche Designs  |   Foxwood Fine Art  |  Designer Stone Limited 

Begin by organizing all of your important company details. You will need a company banner that showcases your business, along with your logotype. Take a look at a few of the partner pages to see how these two items are arranged on your page. Next, decide on five images that you would like to include in your slideshow that will assist people in understanding what you are all about.  For example, include sample product images, or even portraits of satisfied customers.  Once you have submitted all of your information through our web site, please choose one of our banners or text links. All you need to so is click on the “html code” at the bottom of the banner or text link you have selected, and then copy and paste it somewhere on your web site. Be certain to let us know the specific URL / web address where you have placed our link.

Banner Image Size: 1200 pixels by 350 pixels (or slightly larger)

Product Images:  780 pixels by 480 pixels (or slightly larger)

Please note, if your images are too large they may not load into the system.


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