The Great Lucien Freud – Figure Painter

The Great Lucian Freud – Figure Painter By Hall Groat Sr.                            “STANDING BY THE RAGS “LUCIEN FREUD REVEALS HIS VISCERAL QUALITY IN PAINTING.  “GIRL WITH A WHITE DOG “ILLUSTRATES HIS REALISTIC APPROACH TO PAINTING. Lucian Freud paints figures with a strong visceral […]

Bipoloarism Makes Business Dealings Hard

Bipoloarism Makes Business Dealings Hard By Hall Groat Sr. Donald was very bright although when he experienced his severe mood swings was very difficult to deal with. He was a gallery owner in a very good location and sales were brisk. He was well read and knew how to run the gallery. He and his […]

The Art Critique is Important

The Art Critique is Important         by Hall Groat Sr. Paintings created by an artist are not always easy to critique.  And if they`re your own work, it can be even more difficult to pass judgement on. The problem is common for people in creative fields. When your work is too close […]

Quit Saying “My Kids Got Talent”

Quit Saying “My Kids Got Talent”   How About “My Kid Shows An Aptitude For…” How many times do we hear proud parents boast, saying “my kids got talent”? What gives parents the insight to judge if their kids got talent? Many parents usually know nothing about art in the first place, and using the […]

In Defense of Impressionism

In Defense of Impressionism           by Hall Groat Sr. “It`s all a big blur—but it won`t hold up in court.”  People are prosecuted for what someone thinks they see. They have a strong feeling what the killer looked like although in reality, they often come to admit—“Your honor, it was all […]

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