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With this design project you’re to research a poorly designed print media ad, and then redesign it using a well-known image from art history as the main visual element. The goal should be to enhance the overall visual effectiveness of the print ad through infusing it with a bit of humor, and selecting an image from art history that conceptually relates to the contents of the print ad.

Learning Outcomes

Student will be able to:

  1. Establish and use a simple grid to organize and align elements arranged in a visual and informational hierarchy.
  2. Redesign an existing print media ad
  3. Scan images on the flatbed scanner
  4. Alter an a well-known image from art history with Photoshop
  5. Cluster type to create different typographic informational blocks.
  6. Compose elements through visual: emphasis, contrast, balance, repetition, alignment and flow.
  7. Redesign an existing print media ad

Due Dates

3/11    Research a poorly designed print media ad

3/11    Research a well-known art history image that conceptually relates to the content of the print ad.

3/16   Create 5-10 first round thumbnail designs

3/23    Begin three different final Comprehensives in Adobe Photoshop (these may be variations of a single design concept)

3/30   Critique: Three Full Size comprehensives (digital – posted on your portfolio blog with essay)

3/30 Final adjustments made to most successful design based on group critique feedback.


Required Visual and Informational Components

Must Include These Print Ad Elements

If one or more of these elements does not exist, then invent the information.

  1. Headline – Words in the Leading Position of the Ad
  2. Subhead – Smaller Than the Headline, Larger Than the Copy
  3. Body Copy – The Main Text Portion of the Print Ad
  4. Visual Elements – Illustrations Such as Drawings or Photos

Required Photoshop Alterations

  1. Color Adjustment – The color of the art history image must be altered.
  2. Image Cutting – An area of the image from art history must be cut out and replaced with a portion of another image.


Write a paragraph that outlines your creative process, and how your print ad redesign more effectively communicates what is actually being advertised.  Describe how Emphasis, Balance, Alignment, Flow, Repetition, Scale and Contrast have all been implemented into your design.



11”x8-1/2”  |   Media: digital  | Full Color | Printed on Gloss or Matt Photo Paper


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