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Student WordPress Portfolio Links

FALL 2018 STUDENTS Jared Finsel Doug Laura Noah Maney Emily Shafer Fiona Huang James Miller Antione Seif Morgan Linkroum Alexis Vandonsel Sergio DeLaVega Solena Slater Bailey Ellingsen Brendan Wolf Doreena Puglisi William Hernandez-Hulbert D’lynn Molyneaux SPRING 2018 STUDENTS Hunter Leonard Annastacia Henry-Ramos Melody Cutting Ryan Dixson Nealy Van Dyke Mahogney Gibbs Mike Hobart Nicole Hoffman […]

How to Create a Free WordPress Blog Portfolio

  Get the Most from How to set up your FREE 2016 WordPress Blog. How to make your first WordPress Post

Required Readings – ART 125 – Introduction to Computer Graphics

QUESTIONS / READING ASSIGNMENTS Please read the articles at each of the links, and then post your answers to the questions directly within your WordPress course portfolio/blog.  Feel free to use your own artwork to support your answers. If you do use images from the web be certain to include proper citation.  Each reading assignment is due […]

PROJECT #1: Type Specimen Page Design

Art 125- Groat | Introduction to Computer Graphics Typographic Specimen Book Page This project enables the designer to establish a visual hierarchy in an 11×8.5 in. flyer format, while introducing one to the visual characteristics of a particular typeface.  And at the same time, learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop. Learning Outcomes Student will be able […]

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